About the Rothenhof

The Rothenhof is a villa, built in the English style in 1934 by Fritz and Alice Streuli-Matter. Fritz Streuli-Matter had just been recalled from England to become the marketing director of the Bally shoe company; he later became the CEO and Chairman. Fritz and Alice Streuli-Matter built the Rothenhof for themselves, their five children and their live-in servants. They remained in their beloved house, living well into their 90's.

Following the death of their parents, the Streuli children sold the house to Ina Kraan and Brad Richards. In the same year that the last Bally shoe was produced in Schönenwerd, namely 2000, the Rothenhof became not only home to the family of Ina Kraan and Brad Richards, but also to the Swiss branch of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. During this time, the Rothenhof was also extensively repaired and restored.

In May 2018, the Swiss branch of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society was passed on to a successor. The Rothenhof remains the home of the family, but will soon be placed on the market for sale.

The Location


Solothurn Switzerland

The Rothenhof is located at the edge of town, bordering the forest between Solothurn and Aargau. The building plot is the highest in the town, with a spectacular view overlooking the entire Aare valley.

Schönenwerd is a town of roughly 5000 people, centrally located roughly equidistant from Zürich, Basel and Bern. When the Eppenberg tunnel is completed in 2019, trains to Olten and Aarau will run every 15 minutes during rush hour, and every 30 minutes at other times.

The Land

6292 m2 land

4074 m2 zoned for building 2218 m2 zoned as forest

The Rothenhof is located on the edge of the forest; in fact, the building plot has been carved out of the forest itself. The building is located at the top of the plot, with generous lawn and garden areas levelled for use. The location is special, because current regulations would no longer allow building so close to the forest.

The Building

Ground floor

5 rooms Plus garage, kitchen, pantry, and toilet

The ground floor includes a day office and four generous rooms with beautiful hardwood floors. Three of the rooms look out onto a generous terrace, which in turn borders the lawn. In addition, the ground floor includes double garage, a large kitchen with attached pantry, a large hallway with room for seating as well as a toilet. As a home, this is a generous and elegant living area. As a business, the ground floor could provide distinguished offices or meeting rooms.

Upper floor

9 rooms Plus three bathrooms

The upper floor originally provided bedrooms for a large family as well as separate quarters for servants. The former servants' quarters include one very large room, three small rooms, a small balcony, a toilet and a bathroom. These could be used as a semi-private apartment or as office space. The rest of the upper floor is devoted to five generous bedrooms, along with two bathrooms.


5 rooms Plus 3 machine rooms, generous hallway, and toilet

The basement is finished and insulated. While not directly heated, the temperature remains comfortable throughout the year. The generous rooms are ideal for use as workshops, fitness rooms, gardening rooms, or storage.


The house has a full attic. The attic floor is insulated, meaning that the attic itself is cold. The portion tall enough to stand in (about half the total) has flooring. The attic has skylights and lighting, and provides a huge amount of storage.

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